#Start-Up #Co-founder #Travel #Scandinavia #LifetimeJourney

Are you interested in starting a company?
Did you finish your studies or your PhD recently?
Do you want to travel and to meet interesting people in Europe?

My plan is to travel through the North of Europe (Scandinavia and Baltic states) for some weeks, maybe month. I want to discover the northern states of Europe and their people. This tour is about traveling (holiday) and start-ups.
After this journey I want to start a company. I am 28, engineer by training, fluent in German and English, open-minded and willing to start something meaningful to work on in the future.
The idea of this journey is to merge the wish of traveling with the aim to get inspired while traveling; by start-up events, by visiting universities, by meeting interesting and like-minded people, etc.

Thus, this tour is about:
-concretize first business ideas and getting inspired by new impressions
-get to know users, competitors, Universities, Business people, potential co-founders etc.
-get to know the countries and people
-NOT necessarily related to objective A)!

I’m flexible and open for any new suggestions regarding this tour.

Please get in touch with me if you like to:
-join me from the beginning
-join at a certain place or a certain point in time

Self-evidently, you must not pursue the same objectives / ideas / events than I do. However, if some ideas fit together: even better

I’m looking forward to getting in touch with you. Feel free to write me something about your background, your personal aims in the next month and the time you would have for travelling.

Contact: kickoff@gmx.de