Position as Project Manager at LSI Bonn to lead a Startup


Immune cell functions are currently hidden biomarkers for clinical routine due to logistical issues for in-vitro diagnostics. Point-of-care systems would be able to provide precision measurements of such non-stable biomarkers. Our platform technology has the potential to give clinicians access to immune cell functions without compromising on measurement precision to support clinical decision-making.

Website: www.earlybio.com

Life-Science-Incubator (LSI) funded research project at Bonn, Germany (www.life-science-inkubator.de) at the research center Ceasar:

  • Topic: Development of a point-of-care flow cytometer operating in whole blood based on existing lab-prototype systems developed at Siemens (nature.com/articles/srep32838). The technology was transferred to EarlyBio GmbH in 2017.
  • Responsibility:
    • Recruit and lead a team of engineers at Bonn, Germany
    • Report project results to LSI Bonn and Earlybio management
    • Develop a unit-use cartridge and low-cost reader for research-use-only
    • Develop a supply chain and quality control system
    • Organize due diligences for investors
  • Milestones:
    • Demonstrate measurement precision with clinical samples.
    • Lead an effective team and achieve a financial round in 2021 to develop an in-vitro diagnostic product and perform clinical trials


  • Lead an engineering team
  • Industrial work experience
  • Experience in healthcare and QC is favorable


Project lead will have the opportunity for professional management training at LSI to develop skills to run a startup.

Please send your application to info@earlybio.com.