Smart Socket for Electrical Water Boiler: Co-founder gesucht

Do you know that the hot water production consumes more than 20% of the total residential energy consumtpion. This hot water can be produced using an electrical water boiler, like 40 Mios of European. The developed smart socket for electrical water boiler targets this market and allows to
1) Monitor the hot water consumption in real time
2) Decrease  the thermal losses by 30%. This represents savings about 50€/y and a decrease of CO2 production.
3) Store your photovoltaic excess of production. This can represent saving from 100 to 300€/year
This Plug & Play socket does not require an installer, and is compatible with any kinds of electrical water boiler.

Was du mitbringst?
I’m looking for a nice, motivated and easy going guy/girl with a background in business, management or marketing.
Energy/technology-enthusiast is a real plus.
You are more technical and like to developp App, algorithms with Artificial Neural Networks or Cloud services, do not hesitate to contact me 🙂
In the frame of this partnership, you will have the opportunity to
– found a company
– get in touch with the first customers, better understand their needs and make the link with the technical team.
– develop marketing strategy
– manage website and social networks
– and many other stuffs

Was wir dir bieten:
Joint as co-founder a start up in early stage, put forward your vision and get a leading position. Develop many skills and have a real impact on a company.
In case of a successfull Exist scholarship, you will get a full position as wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (TV-L 13)

If you are interested or you want to know more about this project, feel free to contact me:
You can write in german, I’m just more confident to answer in English 😉

Looking forward,