Innovation Award of the RWTH Aachen University


The Innovation Award of the RWTH Aachen University – the most prestigious Award for Professors, PostDocs, PhD students, scientists, non-scientists and students at the university and Research Center Jülich contributing to the strong reputation and innovative climate in the region.

The Award Applicants: Professors, PostDocs, PhD students, students – all scientists and non-scientists at the institutes of RWTH Aachen University and the Research Center Jülich.

The Awards: There are three awards that come with 1.500 € (1st prize), 1.000€ (2nd prize) and 500 € (3rd prize) in award money.

The Process and award ceremony: In a preliminary round, 7-10 ideas are identified by RWTH’s Center for Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship and then go on into a final evaluation round. Then, a jury consisting of professors, university management and chamber of commerce choose the 3 winners of the 2017 RWTH Aachen University Innovation Award. The award will be presented to the winning teams by Prof. Malte Brettel at the prestigious RWTHtransparent celebration in January 2018 under the eyes of invited guests from the university as well as politics and industry.

The Award criteria: Ideas will be evaluated based on technology intensity, innovativeness, customer value-add, planned further development, commercial potential, and overall impression. Award applicants therefore have to show:

  • what their idea/innovation entails and which problem is being addressed
  • how technology or service oriented their idea is
  • what the current state of technology in their field is and how their idea/innovation is able to extend these boundaries
  • which value their idea/innovation creates for potential customers that cannot be created by competition
  • which concrete steps will be taken in the future to further develop the idea/innovation and to commercialise it

Applications may be submitted by e-mail!

The Application: Before entering the competition, please make sure you read the official terms and conditions for entering the competition. By submitting your application you accept these terms and conditions.
Download of award terms and conditions
In order to apply for the Innovation Award 2017, please submit the following documents until 17th December 2017:

Please submit your application to

If there are any open questions, please contact